Take just a moment to recall the last commercial you saw for a used car. Chances are it wasn’t the kind of high-production affair you see produced from the likes of Lexus or Mercedes-Benz,  selling you on premium luxury and the promise of a better life. It was more likely a boring local used car dealership telling you about their great deals – which let’s be honest – did very little to inspire you to buy anything. Somehow telling you that they’re the best dealership around ( with nothing to back it up ) wasn’t enough to rouse you into action. Go figures..


One used car commercial did however catch our eye this year and it went so viral that you may have already seen it. For those who haven’t, you might be surprised to find out that our vote for best used car commercial of the year was actually created to sell a perfectly average, if not slightly disheveled 1996 Honda Accord named “Greenie”. Watch the Youtube video below:

Did It Work?

It wouldn’t be a great story if it didn’t have a happy ending right? Thanks to some clever marketers at CarMax, this not even close to one-of-a-kind Honda Accord sold for a whopping $20,000. They made a little video of their own to make the offer and the Accord’s owner accepted – obviously. Catch the video here and also see the update from the video creator’s Youtube channel confirming the sale.